The final two weeks of the NAAFE 2021 Webinar Series (25 May and 1 June) will feature presentations by students in competition for the MRE Foundation/NAAFE 2021 Best Student Presentation Awards.


1st and 2nd place winners will receive a cash prize of $300 and $200, respectively. This award is sponsored by the Marine Resource Economics Foundation. By supporting this award, the MRE Foundation recognizes the importance of effective oral presentation of economic analysis and policy implications in a professional and public setting. Until we are able to network and communicate research in-person again, we want to learn about your current research on this new platform.

Presentations will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Quality of visual aids.
  • Presentation style.
  • Time management. (Presentations are 10mins with 3mins for questions.)
  • Content (in that the study is well-motivated and results are well-interpreted).


NOTE: All starting times are approximate.


Tuesday, 25 May (10am-12pm PDT) (REGISTER HERE)

10am: Introductions

10:05am: Mads Wold (Norwegian School of Economics) - The price is right: An empirical analysis of fishing quota valuation

10:20am: Makaella Zitti (Norwegian University of Life Sciences) - Forecasting volatility of salmon spot price: A comparison of GARCH-type models and LSTM

10:35am: Felipe Escalona (UMass Amherst) - To catch a thief: Does monitoring actually deter poachers?

10:50am: Katy Bland (Univ of Washington) - Diversification and participation during a fishery disaster: A case study of the 2015/16 California Dungeness crab fishery closure

11:05am: Brenna Jungers (Arizona State Univ) - “A la carte” management of recreational resources: Evidence from the US Gulf of Mexico

11:20am: Xiurou Wu (UC – Davis) - Spatial-dynamic model of commercial fishermen trip decision-making

11:35am: Sarah Medoff (Univ of Hawaii at Manoa) - Estimating the inverse price elasticity of demand for bigeye tuna



Tuesday, 1 June (10am-1215pm PDT) (REGISTER HERE)

10am: Introductions

10:05am: Sandip Mitra (Bangladesh Agricultural Univ) - Productivity, efficiency and profitability effect of cash tenant aquaculture

10:20am: Björn Bos (Univ of Hamburg) - Fishing under the radar: Illuminating the compliance gap of fishing bans

10:35am: Melissa Krigbaum (Univ of Washington) - Identifying strategic groups & cost profiles of US West Coast sablefish fishing operations

10:50am: Zihao Chen (Univ of Washington) - A dynamic model of a commercial fishery under alternative regulations

11:05am: Mehrnoosh Asadi (Florida International Univ) - Evaluating the economic impact of recreational charter fishing in Florida

11:20am: Abhipsita Das (Auburn) - A welfare analysis of Norway’s export promotion program for whitefish

11:35am: Júlia Benevenuti Soares (Universidade Federal Fluminense) - Impacts of COVID-19 on the value chain of a small-scale fishery system in a tropical metropolitan city

11:50am: Zachary Porreca (West Virginia Univ) - Assessing ocean temperature’s role in fishery production