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Should we harvest fish from the Ocean Twilight Zone?


Date: Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Time: 10am – 12pm PDT

Where: Zoom



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Come join us for a discussion on the exploitation of mesopelagic fish, a coveted pool of marine resources, filled with unknowns, uncertainties, opportunities and risks. The Ocean Twilight Zone, a fascinating part of the ocean hosting some of the world's most bizarre-looking and prolific organisms, is key to carbon sequestration and food webs supporting commercially valuable fisheries. The increasing commercial interest for harvesting mesopelagic fish to meeting growing demand for aquaculture feed and nutraceuticals, along with the lack of institutional arrangements to protect high seas resources, highlights the needs for the global community to understand intriguing trade-offs and necessary conditions for sustainable exploitation. With natural-sciences considerations thus far dominating these discussions, we invite you to join us for an interactive 2-hour webinar that draws from lessons learned, past successes and failures that are key to shaping management and governance paths forward.



1) Amanda Schadeberg on “Storylines in the deep sea: Mixed methods discourse/narrative analysis of how the mesopelagic zone is represented in text”

2) Laura G. Elsler and Mary S. Wisz on “Protecting mesopelagic populations through climate governance”

3) Melina Kourantidou and Di Jin on “Mitigating social-ecological uncertainties in support of sustainable mesopelagic fisheries and insight from bioeconomic approaches”

4) Raúl Prellezo on “Food security, eco-efficiency and mesopelagics.” SUMMER Project.

5) Rolf Groeneveld on “Costs of mesopelagic fisheries: preliminary insights from the MEESO project”

6) Sally Dowd and Porter Hoagland on “Conserving a sea of shadow and substance: Should there be a moratorium on the harvest of twilight zone fish?”