NAAFE Best Student Paper Contest Rules, 2019 The North American Association of Fisheries Economists (NAAFE) has established a “Best Student Paper” prize to be given in conjunction with the NAAFE Forum. The purpose of this award is to recognize the most outstanding paper presented by a graduate student at the biennial Forum. The review committee will select the best paper using criteria for refereeing papers in academic journals such as MRE. Selection of the winning paper will be based on creativity, originality and contribution to theory, methods and/or application. Papers may be on any aspect of the economics of fisheries or aquaculture, fisheries resource management, seafood trade and markets, fisheries or aquaculture sector development, or related topics. A prize of $500 plus a partial travel stipend of up to $1500, plus free student conference registration will be awarded. The travel stipend may be used to cover airfare, lodging, and/or other allowable travel-related costs associated with Forum participation, up to a total of $1500. Any costs over and above the $1500 stipend must be covered by the student or their institution. In order to compete for the prize: 1. Submit an abstract for consideration for presentation at NAAFE Forum 2019 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. In order to compete, your abstract must be accepted by the scientific committee. Submission deadline is January 2, 2019. 2. You must submit your full paper, formatted according to the instructions below, by March 1, 2019, by email in PDF format to 3. You must ensure that your major professor sends an attestation (described below) to by March 1, 2019. 4. Decisions will be rendered approximately April 2. Carefully follow all the formatting and submission rules indicated below. Eligibility Any student, from any country, is eligible to compete for the prize. “Student” is defined as being currently enrolled in a graduate program, or having completed such a program no more than 24 months prior to the paper submission deadline. A letter of attestation must be sent by the student’s major professor to the NAAFE Business Office. This letter must 1) attest to the applicant’s student status and 2) indicate that the student is the primary author of the work, and is primarily responsible for the intellectual content of the paper. The letter of attestation is not intended to serve as a recommendation for the paper or for the student. It will not be provided to the review committee. Students may submit a paper that has already been published provided that it was published less than one year prior to the start date of the NAAFE Forum to which it is being submitted and provided that the paper has not already been presented at a previous NAAFE Forum or IIFET Conference. Manuscript and Title Page Email two separate pdf files, one containing the title page and author(s)’ names, and the other the body of your manuscript (all identifying information removed) to The title page must contain the title of the paper, all authors’ names and affiliations including professional titles, complete mailing and complete mailing and email contacts, and the abstract. The filename of the title page file should include the author’s last (family) name and the abstract number, like so: Smith123.pdf. The second file should contain the paper title, abstract, and body of the paper, plus all references, graphs, etc. All mention of the authors’ names should be removed. Name this file with the abstract number only, like so: 123.pdf. Formatting Rules Maximum length: 40 pages including all tables, references and other materials Margins: 1 inch (3 cm) all around Font: Times New Roman, 11 points or larger Language of all text: English Spacing: Double space all text. Paper size: 8.5x11” or A4 References: Any format commonly accepted in journals Numbering: number all pages consecutively Footnotes or endnotes: either are acceptable Placement of tables and graphs: your choice Republication and Proceedings: NAAFE does not take copyright of your paper for inclusion in the NAAFE conference proceedings. That is, from NAAFE’s perspective, you may submit a paper included in the NAAFE proceedings for publication in a journal or other publication. Each peer reviewed journal has its own policy to determine whether prior publication disqualifies a paper from consideration for later publication by that journal, and what constitutes “prior publication”. Most of the journals surveyed recently indicated that publication in a non-peer reviewed medium such as conference proceedings does not constitute prior publication. However, it is strongly recommended that you revise your NAAFE Proceedings paper, taking advantage of review comments you may receive at the conference, prior to submission to a peer reviewed journal. You should also check with any journals you are submitting to regarding their specific prior publication policies. Your paper submitted for this contest will not automatically be included in the conference proceedings. A call for proceedings papers will be issued after the conference, and you may choose whether to submit your paper at that time.