NAAFE Forum 2017

Click here for see a summary of NAAFE's ninth Forum, held in La Paz, Mexico.

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NAAFE Forum 2015

Click here for see a summary of NAAFE's eighth Forum, held in Ketchikan, Alaska, USA.

Click here to access NAAFE Forum 2015 proceedings through ScholarsArchive@OSU

Photos of the event have been posted on the NAAFE Facebook page.

NAAFE Forum 2013

Click here for see a summary of NAAFE's seventh Forum, held in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.

NAAFE Forum 2011

Click here for see a summary of NAAFE's sixth Forum, held in Manoa, Hawai'i, USA. [missing]

NAAFE President Dan Huppert gave a plenary Presidential address entitled Integrating Ecology, Economics and Institutions in Fishery Management, which is available here.

A keynote address entitled Aquaculture, Fisheries and the Environment was given by Dr. Frank Asche, University of Stavanger, Norway. The Powerpoint of this presentation is available here.

NAAFE Forum 2009

Click here for see a summary of NAAFE's fifth Forum, held in Newport, Rhode Island, USA.

Click here to read Dr. Christy's address.

In conjunction with the Forum, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) organized a 2 day workshop attended by 68 participants, entitled The Economics of Stock Rebuilding Programs organized by Anthony Cox. All workshop presentations are available online at,3343,en_2649_33901_42090552_1_1_1_37401,00.html.

NAAFE Forum 2007

Click here for see a summary of NAAFE's fourth Forum, held in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico.

2007 Forum Photos: PowerPoint Slideshow OR PDF File

NAAFE Forum 2005

Click here for see a summary of NAAFE's third Forum, held in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

In commemoration of the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of his groundbreaking paper The Fishery: the Objectives of Sole Ownership, Dr. Anthony Scott received an award from the North American Association of Fisheries Economists. Dr. Gordon Munro introduced the award with the following tribute: PDF version.

Forum Debate Ensuring Fisheries Benefits to All Generations

Summary Article on Forum for Fisheries Centre Newsletter

NAAFE Forum 2003

Click here for see a summary of NAAFE's second Forum, held in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA.

NAAFE Forum 2001

Click here for see a summary of NAAFE's first Forum, held in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

Proceedings addendum:

We apologize for our failure to include the following paper in the printed proceedings. Click here to view Vessel Efficiency in the Northwest Atlantic Sea Scallop Fishery by John Walden, Steve Edwards and Jim Kirkley, in .pdf format.