NAAFE's fifth biennial Forum welcomed a record number of academics, government representatives, industry members, and others with interests in the economics of fisheries management, aquaculture and seafood trade.

The conference organizers were Jon Sutinen and Jim Anderson of the University of Rhode Island's Environmental and Natural Resource Economics Department. A Presidential Address entitled "Reflections of a Recovering fisheries Economist" was given by Dr. Lee G. Anderson, and a keynote address entitled "A Fisheries Management Authority" was given by Francis T. Christy, Jr.

Click here to read Dr. Christy's address (PDF).

A record number of 172 individuals from 16 countries participated in this, our fifth biennial Forum. 125 presentations were made in 28 sessions covering a wide variety of topics, including:

  • Fisheries Management and Regulatory Programs, including ITQs, Catch Shares, Property Rights Regimes, Bycatch Management, Climate Change Issues, and other topics
  • Economic Analysis of Recreational Fisheries
  • Fleet Dynamics
  • Seafood Markets and Sustainability
  • Bioeconomic Modeling
  • Rent Drain
  • Key Questions on the Road to a WTO Agreement (fisheries subsidies)
  • Measuring Productivity and Efficiency in Fisheries
  • Seafood Markets
  • Ocean Fish Populations and the Global Economy
  • Measurement and Use of Stated Preference Values of Threatened, Endangered, and At‐Risk Aquatic Species
  • Aquaculture Economics


Selected papers will appear as proceedings in the journal Marine Resource Economics.

In conjunction with the Forum, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) organized a 2 day workshop attended by 68 participants, entitled "The Economics of Stock Rebuilding Programs" organized by Anthony Cox. All workshop presentations are available online at,3343,en_2649_33901_42090552_1_1_1_37401,00.html. Papers from the workshop will be compiled into a printed proceedings volume for publication later in 2009. For further information on the OECD Workshop, please contact Saba Khwaja.