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To learn more about building your site, visit our Drupal 7 Technical Manual.

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Need to add a calendar of events for your organization or group?
Localist is the tool for you. Click the above link to go to the OSU calendar
system and begin making events or create widgets to display upcoming events here
on your site! For more information, check out the following links.

   Go to Localist

OSU Drupal 7 WebTech Manual

This page is a great place of reference when asking yourself 'How do I ....?'

While there is always someone available at Open Lab to help answer your questions, you should probably check out and bookmark this page as it'll help you chug through some of the basics of Drupal site-building.


    Go to OSU Drupal 7 WebTech Manual

Open Lab

Got a question? Something not looking right on your site? Can't figure out how to change the flux capacitor in your 1982 DeLorean?

We are here to help! Check out our Open Lab page and come pay us a visit. Walk-ins are always welcome. Our Open Lab classroom is typically outfitted with computers, but if you've got a laptop feel free to bring it.

       Learn about Open Lab

Training and Resources

Training events are regularly scheduled and an abundance of learning materials are readily available for use at your own convenience. You can take advantage of any number of the following:

  • Our OSU Drupal 7 workshops provide a better understanding of how to work with OSU Drupal 7 and some of the modules that we provide with our installation. Registration is free, however it is advised that you step through the training in a linear fashion as the workshops build off of the previous.
  • OSU Marketing's Site Building guide will give you some great information regarding visuals, layout, and content creation.
  • Web and Mobile Services, along with OSU Marketing, team up to provide Open Labs every Friday from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm in Cascade Hall. Follow the link provided below for more information.
  • Our Digital Community Meetings, which take place every other month, give you an opportunity to network with other web professionals on campus, get some high level training, and find out about upcoming events and new technology.